The Benefits Of Buying A House And Land Package

July 15, 2019

With established homes priced at a premium across all capital cities – and even expanding into the outer suburbs – more and more home buyers are looking to house and land packages to meet their property needs. We explain the benefits of buying a house and land package.

The details are in the design

Not only will you be able to enjoy a house and land package that perfectly utilises the size of the block, but you’ll also be able to choose a home design that meets your unique preferences. At Bloomdale, for example, you can choose from a wide variety of designs that range from modern townhomes with efficient floorplans to traditional family-style homes.

This is particularly beneficial for buyers who want to move into their new property relatively fast, rather than buying a block of land and then having to search around for the right builder.

It’s less expensive than custom-built homes

When exploring a development that offers a range of packages to create an exciting new community, you’ll often find fixed-price, turnkey house and land packages for sale.

Not only are these likely to cost far less than a custom build of your own, but you’ll be buying a brand new home that no one else has lived in (so no wear-and-tear to worry about), with all the modern finishings, fixtures and fittings.

The price is clear and upfront

Price is often the deciding factor for buyers when they are considering making an offer on a traditional home – whether it’s at auction or private treaty. With a house and land package, though, you don’t have to jump through any hoops or negotiations – the price is clear from the start.

This clarity on cost is a huge positive for buyers who are already pre-approved and may have a tight budget. Even better, because most of the architects and designers work on the house and land packages across the entire development, you won’t be hit with consultancy fees and additional design costs.

You could be eligible for grants

Buying a home for the first time? You could be eligible for the government’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). In Victoria, $10,000 is available to those who buy or build their first home, while the grant jumps up to $20,000 for new homes built in regional Victoria and under contracts signed between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2020. 

There’s also another grant set to arrive on 1 January 2020. Just before the Federal Election, the Coalition announced the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, which will assist first-time home buyers who have deposits as low as 5%. The grant will help buyers save up to $10,000 that would otherwise be spent on Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

It will be ready to live in

If you decide to buy the house and land package ‘as is’ or if you only want minimal inclusions, the property could be ready to move into as soon as construction is complete. With turnkey packages, all the water, electricity and gas lines are installed before you step through the front door, as well as things like driveways, fences and more – everything you need to move in and start your new chapter of life.


For the best of country charm, comfort and contemporary living, and with the Melbourne CBD just a 30-minute drive away, Bloomdale is the place to be. With a wide choice of block sizes to suit your needs and established facilities at Diggers Rest, you’ll enjoy the convenience of connection from the first moment you enter the community.

Enquire today to find out about house and land packages at Bloomdale.