Bulla Village Cricket Club receive much needed funds to support a growing team

October 26, 2021

Diggers Rest Bulla Village Cricket Club (DRBVCC) is putting its efforts towards providing equipment, merchandise, facility upgrades and more coaches to help grow its club with the help of much needed sponsorship from AVID Property Group’s (AVID) local Bloomdale community.

The club is dedicated to ensuring it can provide professional and well-managed teams that can provide its staff and players with the best sporting opportunities.

DRBVCC President Sean Fitzpatrick said funding and support was vital to continue attracting young people in the local area to the club and he was keen to make sure it could provide the very best.

“Our players get so much out of being in the club including a greater sense of belonging, friendships, a healthy and active lifestyle and a great sporting opportunity,” Mr Fitzpatrick said

“There are so many kids looking to play cricket and as the club grows, we need to be able to support this by offering adequately managed teams, the right facilities and enough quality equipment in both junior and senior ranks.

“Whether young people have dreams of professional competitions or they just want to have fun, we want to be able to do our part supporting those goals.

The club is also expecting to see an increase in player participation in their Woolworths Cricket Blast this 2021 season and hope to put some of the Grant towards team merchandise.

“Sporting clubs are incredibly expensive to maintain and the AVID sponsorship will help us successfully expand the club and go above beyond for our players, staff and supporters.”

AVID General Manager Victoria Peter Vlitas said the AVID team was proud to continue their support for its sixth year in a row year.

“Sporting clubs like the DRBVCC positively shape the community around us, and that’s something that we feel is worth supporting and contributing to,” said Mr Vlitas.

“We are looking forward to strengthening Bloomdale’s ties with the club and continuing to foster lasting connections with local community groups and our 2021 Community Sponsorship and Grants Program is a great way for us to do this.

“Many of our Bloomdale families are already part of the DRBVCC and we encourage more residents to participate by playing a game or supporting on the sidelines – it’s also a great way to get to know their neighbours.”

To find out more information about upcoming games or how to play for the DRBVCC visit the club’s Facebook page or email drbvcc@gmx.com.

For more information on land now available and future land releases at Bloomdale, visit bloomdale.avid.com.au or phone 1300 656 011.