New Park Underway in Valere

September 13, 2018

Residents of Bloomdale’s newest village are eagerly anticipating the completion of Bloomdale’s next park, in the heart of the vibrant and health-focused Valere neighbourhood.

This new park will become a meeting place for Bloomdale residents, with a range of innovative features offering something for everyone. Connected to native trails, with gym workout equipment, bicycle trails and junior play equipment, the park will be the perfect place to get outside and get active.

It will offer electric barbecues, shelter areas and picnic table settings – making this park a great place to get together with family, friends and neighbours.

And, for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, grassed areas with canopy trees will provide tranquil retreats, while seating walls that double up as planters will offer spaces to relax amongst nature.

As AVID continues to grow the Bloomdale community, it’s essential to continue to deliver beautiful and useable community spaces. Active living is a focus of the Bloomdale community, and through our sponsorships of local sports organisations, and the development of great parks and open spaces, AVID is helping to bring together a healthy community, connected to green spaces and each other.