The top reasons why building a brand new home is better than buying established

When you are searching for your dream home there is so much to consider – from where you want to live to the style and type of home that works for you and your family.

You may be weighing up your options – is buying a pre-existing home in an established neighbourhood right for you or could buying a block of land in a brand new community and building your own customised home be the right choice?

We asked residents across different communities created by AVID Property Group and here are five things we heard that they loved about buying land and building a brand new home:

1. You get a home that’s perfect for you
Everyone dreams of their ‘perfect home’ – the one with all the bells and whistles customised to their heart’s desire and building your own home lets you do exactly that. You get to choose everything from the colour of the walls, the types of window furnishings, to how you want your kitchen to function and even down to what type of oven you like to cook with. The options are endless and you end up in a home that is 100% about you.

2. You make new friends and have a deeper sense of belonging
Buying land in a brand new neighbourhood means you’re surrounded by like-minded people. You have something in common from the minute you meet as you have all just been through a similar experience and are more open to meeting new people and making new friends. AVID Property Group has a big focus on bringing people together. We know that having a sense of belonging to a community can lower mental health risk and even increase life expectancy and people’s overall happiness. This is thought about from the design, the amenity such as parks and connectivity right down to hosting events that help neighbours break the ice and meet each other. Buying in a new neighbourhood means an unparalleled sense of belonging.

3. Newer homes consider the environment and your health more
Building a new home can mean doing your bit for the environment and your family’s health and well-being. From thoughtful orientation and designing a home to maximise sun in winter and shade in summer, to installing more energy efficient appliances to using LOW VOC paints and products. Building new gives you the opportunity to create a truly sustainable home from the beginning.

4. You can save money on fees such as stamp duty
In addition to the First Home Owner Grant for first-time buyers, if you choose to build from scratch you can take advantage of lower fees on things like stamp duty. This is because you only pay stamp duty on the land portion and not the house itself and if the land is valued at less than $350,000, you can also take advantage of the First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme and not pay any stamp duty. At a new development such as Bloomdale – where the majority of land packages are priced below that threshold – you can save on extra costs and put that stamp-duty money into building your dream home.

5. There are options to suit all time frames
A pro of buying an established home can be that you get to move straight in. Whilst buying land and building can take time there are other options for the more time-restrained such as a pre-packaged house and land solution – we’ve taken all the fuss out and packaged some up for you and even homes that we’ve collaborated with a local builder and built for you. You still get brand new and can move right on in.

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