The Benefits of Buying In a Masterplanned Community

July 23, 2019

An amazing floor plan, perfect interiors and stable construction aren’t the only consideration when buying a home. You’ll also need to think about the location, surrounding neighbourhood and proximity to essential amenities. That’s why buying land and building a home in a purpose-built community could offer a range of benefits over purchasing an established property.

Here are six reasons why a masterplanned community is the ideal place to buy a home.

1. Designed around the location

Masterplanned communities are just that – planned out with the deliberate intention of providing residents with all the amenities they’ll need. In fact, developers are key in facilitating and securing tenants for services such as doctors, retail stores, restaurants, schools and more. That means you’ll be buying into a prime location with access to everything you want for a comfortable lifestyle, whether that’s nearby public transport, parklands or a beach within walking distance, or great healthcare and education facilities. It essentially means you get to choose the lifestyle you most desire.

2. Better for the environment and your health

With a newly built property you won’t have to worry about health concerns like asbestos. What’s more, most homes built in masterplanned communities take advantage of sustainable fixtures and building materials, like low-VOC paints and carpeting, as well as environmentally friendly appliances like air conditioners and hot-water systems.

3. Safer all-round

When buying an established home, there are often concerns around the reliability of certain property aspects, especially dangerous wiring, loose door frames and roofing that perhaps hasn’t been maintained in a number of years. But in a masterplanned community your home will be built up to council code and use the latest (and safest) materials. Moreover, the community feel of neighbours watching out for one another means you can enjoy a safer, more secure lifestyle. In a masterplanned community, the residents really do build the community together – literally!

4. A wealth of options

Depending on your preferred masterplanned community, you’ll likely have a variety of housing and land options to choose from. At Bloomdale, for example, you can buy land for sale and build your custom-designed home on top of it, or select a house and land package from a range of exceptional designs and builders. The choice is yours and your options are vast.

5. The quality is consistent

When buying into a masterplanned community, you can expect a consistent and high-quality standard of living. Whereas in an established neighbourhood you might buy a home that’s next to a run-down apartment block or a house where the tenants aren’t interested in maintenance, in a masterplanned community all the homes have been built with a community ideal in mind. Not to mention new, clean streets, high-quality parks and a consistency of quality among your neighbours’ properties.

6. Community spirit

When a masterplanned community starts to grow, you’ll find that the vast majority of buyers have similar property goals as you. That usually leads to a strong sense of community and like-minded neighbours who want to get the most out of their new suburb. So whether it’s finding a new social group for yourself or getting your children to make friends with kids of a similar age, a masterplanned community is where the neighbourly spirit is alive and well.


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