What is a Townhome?

August 2, 2023

Townhomes (commonly known as townhouses) are a type of terraced housing, meaning they share at least one wall with an adjacent property. They tend to have multiple floors and a lower square footage in comparison to a traditional house.

Advantages of a Townhome Over a Traditional House

If you’re thinking of purchasing a townhome, know that there are many benefits. Here are the main reasons behind their popularity, and why new townhomes are cropping up to meet this demand.

Townhomes are often located in close proximity to shopping precincts and other amenities, making them a convenient option for busy families. As an example, Bloomdale is just a 40 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD: with a range of established schools, shops, and public green spaces nearby. In less than 30 minutes, you can also make your way to Melbourne Airport.

A sense of community can be important to many people and townhomes in particular, foster a sense of community. Living in close proximity, as well as sharing local parks and open spaces in a master planned community allows residents more opportunities to meet people and socialise.

Security and Privacy
When looking for a place to call home, many people prioritise security and privacy. Townhomes are a great housing solution for both. The physical structure of townhomes means you’re not isolated from other people. However, you have more privacy than you would in an apartment complex, with no neighbours above or below you.

Value for Money
Townhome owners get great value for money, enjoying more space than most apartment owners. This makes townhomes the perfect option for families, as they provide a sufficient amount of space at a fraction of the cost for a traditional stand alone home.

Townhomes at Bloomdale

Bloomdale is a master-planned community with townhomes for sale near Diggers Rest, Victoria. Designed to minimise shared walls, each lot is separately owned and managed. Townhomes at Bloomdale offer a great deal of added convenience, with local schools, transport links and green spaces close at hand.


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